by Michael Davies
News and opinion on European and Spanish regulations affecting ex-pats who retire, play or invest in Spain
Michael Davies is a Spanish lawyer specialised in probate, inheritance tax and inheritance related litigation for ex-pats in Spain.

If you live in the U.S.A. , Australia or any other Non E.U. country (this is extremely important for U.K. citizens after Brexit )  you can now  in my opinion claim the application  of the regional government exemptions (applicable in the region where the majority of value of the assets are situated ) on inheritance
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Agreement between CIUDADANOS AND THE SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT in Andalucia to reduce inheritance tax. At last some great new about inheritance tax: We have have been waiting for so long it is almost unbelievable It has just been announced by the Andalucia Government that from the 1st of January the inheritance that can be received by a spouse and each
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Inheritance tax in Andalucia: Exemptions have been increased for group I and II heirs (spouse and descendants) Last year the Andalucia Parliament informed they would reduce inheritance tax by increasing exemption in Andalucia. They informed that they would only do this if the budget for 2017 permitted this to happen. Well the good news is
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