by Michael Davies
News and opinion on European and Spanish regulations affecting ex-pats who retire, play or invest in Spain
Michael Davies is a Spanish lawyer specialised in probate, inheritance tax and inheritance related litigation for ex-pats in Spain.

Dear clients, On the 21st of June our British Consul for Andalucía and the Canary Isles, "Charmaine Arbouin" will be visiting Mojacar to talk about Brexit and the British Government´s recommendations to EX-PATS IN SPAIN. After her explanation you will have the chance to voice your concerns and demands regarding Brexit. Most of us are unhappy with Brexit and concerned
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If you become a Spanish national and have children you will not be able to leave your estate to your wife if you become a Spanish national A lot of British ex-pats that are worried about Brexit have contemplated the posibilite of becoming a Spanish national One thing that you need to take into account
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On Wednesday the 2nd of May we celebrated an informative chat to which all ex-pats where invited with a turnout of over 300 people. The meeting was organised by Brexpats in Spain Our Consul from Malaga Mrs. Charmain Arbouin  came to provide an update of the Brexit negotiations. It was a great meeting with many
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We hate Brexit

In our office we hate Brexit, it´s consequences and the selfish politicians that keep moving forward knowing full well it is not the most beneficial thing to do because they have not got the guts to stand up an fight for what they really believe in (simply because it is may jeopardise their career )
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