If you have been called to inherit assets in Alicante or surrounding areas, you will need a good English speaking probate lawyer/solicitor/attorney  to handle the inheritance procedure for you.

Michael Davies is an English speaking Spanish lawyer specialised in probate for ex-pats in Spain.   

My name is Michael Davies and  I am a fluent English speaking Spanish probate lawyer  specialised  in handling inheritance and inheritance related litigation for ex-pats .We have offices in Marbella, Almeria and Mojacar and an associated office in Alicante.

Member of the Law societies of Almeria and Madrid and has over 25 years experience.

I am member 67228 of the Madrid Law Society and 1748 of the Almeria Law Society and have been in practice for  over 25 years.

I  have the experience of having dealt with over 2000 wills and 400 probate cases for ex-pats all over  Spain with many cases handled in Alicante and surrounding areas.  

We handle Spanish probate anywhere in Spain and are experts in inheritance related matters .

Send me an e-mail now or if you prefer click to read more about how we can help you with probate or inheritance related litigation in Alicante.  

The best English Speaking Spanish inheritance lawyer : Michael Davies

Inheritance in Alicante by Michael Davies in a nutshell: 

  • Michael Davies the owner or the firm is a fluent English speaking Spanish probate lawyer  with over 25 years experience.
  • He is  member of the law societies of Almería and Madrid.
  • He is a well   known Spanish inheritance tax expert . We will make sure that you pay the minimum amount of inheritance tax possible. Inheritance tax forms are presented by self assessment and the exemptions applicable vary depending on where in Spain the beneficiary is resident  or on where the assets are situated if the beneficiary is non resident in Spain.  To make things more complex we have had a few  changes to the exemption rates in the last 3 years and to the way they apply to non-residents due to varios sentences by the E.C.J. and the Spanish Supreme court.  We will also take into account the effect of the inheritance valuation on the future capital gains tax  very often overlooked. In Andalucía most families no longer pay inheritance tax.
  • We take care of everything from start to finish including  inheritance tax registration and registration of the real estate.
  • We are transparent and upfront with our fees. (no surprises). We do not provide a below the market quote for Probate to then surprise our clients with fees for extra items.
  • We are proactive with our advice. We have done this hundreds of times before so we know exactly what needs to be done.
  • We have offices in Marbella, Almeria and Mojacar  but we can handle probate anywhere in Spain at no extra cost to you.
  • Our experience of  over 25 years and over 300 probate cases handled allows us in 90% of cases to provide an exact budget and timescale from the start and avoid all the pitfalls of an inheritance procedure avoiding both extra costs and delays.

We are experts

· Probate / Inheritance
· Estate planning / Wills
· Conveyancing
· Litigation.

We will always

· Advise you professionally
· Be sensible, fair and transparent with our fees
· Be proactive with our advise (we will offer all the information that we consider could be useful to you without waiting for you to come up with the correct question)