If you would like to assist  one of our free seminars, please email us stating where you live and the subjects that you are mostly interested in and we will contact you when we next hold one in your area. If you are part of an association with at least 16 members we could organise a seminar just for you.  . When the group is relatively small and the legal concerns to be covered are similar these informal chats can be extremely productive and sometime allow for some individualised advice at the end of the chat. We would agree in advance the subjects that interest you most. This will give your members the chance to receive free legal advice  on the subjects of their choice while it will provide us with the chance of meeting potential future lclients . Please e-mail us.

For the public. (these seminars are free). 

We regularly hold seminars in different venues along the coast in relation to any legal matter that we feel could be interesting for our existing or potential clients.

Normally in our seminars we talk about:

  • Powers of attorney.
  • Estate planning/Wills.
  • The importance of revising wills to make sure they comply with the new directive.
  • Inheritance / Probate procedures /Inheritance tax.
  • The legalities of buying or selling a property.
  • The advantage/disadvantage of being a resident /non resident.

For Business ( a small fee is  aplicable).

  • How to set up a company in Spain.
  • How to protect your  company name , copyright etc.
  • Advantage /disadvantage of being an S.l. company versus an Autonomo.
  • Legal obligations  to set up and run and estate agency business in Spain.

For other professionals ( solicitors, bankers, estate agents, etc.) a fee is always applicable.

These seminars are in relation to wills and probate and deals mainly with the procedures and responsibility of winding up complex estates in Spain (both contentious and non contentious) and with the tax implications of these procedures.