About Michael Davies

Good Spanish lawyer

Spanish lawyer,  owner of the firm  “Davies Abogados-Solicitors & Barristers” and the solicitor you will deal with if your case is related to probate or inheritance related litigation. He is a recognised leading expert in  probate, inheritance related litigation and estate planning . He is member 1748 of the Almeria Law Society and 67228 of the Madrid Law Society. He was admitted to the Barr in 1994 which means he has now been in practice for over 25 years . You can check out his Law Society registration number and other details by visiting the website of the  National Lawyers Association. www.abogacia.es 

He studied law in Granada University and is a Spanish Abogado.

During a period leading up to 2007 he was  also Honorary British Consul but renounced as it became incompatible with  his profession that he loves and his family that he loves even more.

A personal note : He is of British nationality but was brought up in Spain. He is happily married to Inma Ortega (who works in the Almeria office )  and has three children.

We do not offer invented testimonials on our website. For real opinions by real clients please take a look at the reviews our clients make on our Facebook page.

Davies Abogados is a highly respected Spanish firm of English speaking solicitors & barristers (Abogados) started by Michael Davies in 1994.

For over 25 years we have been dedicated to offering top quality independent legal representation in Spain to international clients. We undertake work primarily on the Costa del Sol and Almeria from our offices in Marbella, Almeria and Mojacar. We offer peace of mind when investing  or inheriting in Spain. We are a highly experienced and specialised firm in legal matters affecting ex-pats . We are one of the leading firms for handling  inheritance, conveyancing , litigation and wills for international  clients in Spain. We operate under a very strict code of professional ethics which over the last 25 years includes remaining 100% independent from the local  estate agents, accounting only to our client and depending for almost all our business on the referrals from our own clients and other solicitors.

Michael Davies. Abogado.

Member 1748 of Almería Law Society/Member 67228 of Madrid Law Society

Customer satisfaction is essential to us. Our intention has always been to build a longstanding relationship with each of our customers and  have very often spanned two generations . We have represented over 4000 satisfied customers since 1994.


Are you the right solicitor for me?

We are the perfect English speaking lawyer for you if:

1. You need help with probate anywhere in Spain or making a Spanish will.

We are the perfect firm If you need a fluent English speaking Spanish lawyer  to deal with probate involving Spanish assets, to be inherited by ex-pats or their families. Our experience allows us to keep things simple in these difficult times.  Whenever possible we recommend coming to see us about your Spanish wills. We will explain everything to you to make sure you have simple but solid wills that achieve exactly what you want in the most tax efficient way and more important guarantee that probate will be straightforward for your loved ones.  Be very wary of a will that is too complex. Michae Davies has handled well over 300 probate cases for ex-pats  personally since he started Davies Abogados in 1994.

2. If you need a Bilingual  lawyer for 100% independent conveyancing in Marbella , Mojacar , Estepona , Benhavis, Mijas, Fuengirola, Malaga Benalmadena…on properties between 100.000 euro and 10.000.000 euro.

If you wish to purchase a property of any price between 100.000 euro and 10.000.0000 euro and need a  fluent English speaking  lawyer that is 100% independent from the local estate agents, that will keep things  simple, make sure that you are safe and will respond only to you then we are  the perfect firm .We will take care of your purchase and other smaller matters like Spanish wills, NIE numbers opening of bank accounts etc. We will also advice regarding your obligations going forward. Michael Davies has handled well over 1.000 conveyances himself since starting his firm in 1994. The average purchase price of the properties we handle in our Almería office is 200.000 euro and the average price in the Marbella office 800.000 euro but we have handled purchases of all prices from 100.000 euro to 6.000.000 euro.

We handle the conveyancing of all kind of properties from  flats of 200000 euro  to mansions in Marbella of up to 10000000 euro in value. We have been doing this for 24 years and know exactly what we are doing and are 100% independent.  As a guideline and even thought with some exceptions we do not take on purchases with a value of less than 100.000 euro.

We are a family firm with over 24 years experience handling cases for English speaking ex-pats in Spain.

Bilingual 100% independent lawyer for advising on the purchase of high value properties in Marbella and surrounding areas:

High value property purchases in Marbella . If you are purchasing a high value property it is more important than ever to have a personalised service from a top bilingual lawyer that knows exactly what he is doing  that is fiercefully independent from the local estate agents. Michael J. Davies is the ideal lawyer to act for you in person from start to finish of the transaction and to advise you in person regarding all related matters

3. Litigation. We are experts at inheritance and property related litigation.

This sounds good, but how can I check you out?

If you have found us through our website it is because  you have probably not been referred to us by an existing customer and in this case all I can do is suggest:

1. You can consult my condition as a Spanish lawyer by consulting the Madrid or Almeria Law Society. My law society number is 1748 for Almeria and 67228 for Madrid.

2.You will find our name on the list of English speaking solicitors on British Consulate website.

3.You can take a look at the reviews that clients have posted on our Facebook page.

4.You can ask around other ex-pats and hopefully someone may have used our services before.

5.We are always happy to meet in one of our offices for a chat to allow you to put a face to us .

Are you a member of the law Society ?

Yes, I am a member of the Law Society of Madrid 67228 and Almería 1748 and am authorised to practice Law both in an out of courts all over Spain. My law degree was taken at Granada University. I have been practicing as a lawyer since 1994  when I started the firm. You can check us out by using the census search on the Law Society webpage 

Where in Spain do you take on cases?

We have office in Marbella, Almería and Mojacar and associated offices in Alicante , Moraira and Javea.

We handle conveyancing and wills all over the Costa del Sol  (Manilva, Estepona , Marbella, Benhavis, Mijas, Fuengirola , Benalmadena, Malaga, Velez Malaga, Nerja, Fridiliana ) and in Almería (mainly Mojacar).

We handle probate and litigation all over Spain..

How much will your services cost me ?

How much we charge for our work is a delicate matter and we try to get it right.

We will always provide you with a budget in writing, which depending on the nature of the work to be carried out will be based on one of following systems:

Fixed fee (used for conveyancing, wills and straightforward inheritance work)

Whenever possible we offer you a fixed fee for dealing with the whole of your case (this is normally the case with conveyancing, inheritance and wills). This fee will only be revised if the nature of the work changes substantially (for example, if we discover title problems when dealing with the purchase of a property and you decide to continue with it asking us to resolve the problems before you purchase, in the case of an inheritance when new assets appear during the procedure which where no disclosed when the initial budget was prepared, etc.) during. This would be explained , and we would not continue until you have accepted.
Often it will not be possible, at the outset, to quote a fixed fee for the whole of your case. If this is so then we will try to give you a fixed fee for carrying out a preliminary investigation into the the situation. At the end of that investigation we will advise you generally about the case and the likely cost and timescale involved in dealing with it.

By the hour (used frequently for complex inheritance cases with no will in Spain etc.).

Where the amount of work is impossible to predict we will have to charge you on an hourly basis.
We will tell you the charging rates of the solicitor that will be dealing with the case and we will report to you regularly regarding the work performed and time spent.
Sometimes we can give you a guideline of maximum and minimum fees to expect. We would then not go over that maximum fee with ought advising you first.

Conforming to Law Society guideline (Litigation).

Our litigation work is almost always charged in accordance with the guideline of recommended fees established by the law society of the province where the court case takes place.
Litigation always starts off with a meeting to asses your situation and establish if the court case is worthwhile for you.
In any case this is in most cases, but what will prevail is the budget that we will provide you in writing before taking on the case.

On completion depending on result.
This is not our usual way of establishing our fee, but exceptionally this is a possibility that can be discussed.

A combination of the systems above.


Before you hire us we will provide you with a budget in writing.

This budget will clearly indicate our method of charging .

We will inform in writing of the solicitor who will be responsible for your file all the way through the procedure.

You will always be dealing with a fluent English speaking solicitor.

Unlike others we take great care in keeping you up to date with everything that goes on with your file.

We make sensible use of technology to allow you to have permanentaccess to your file.