Nobody is  good at everything. Some solicitors  due to a shortage of work will pretend that this is the case but this is impossible.

We have spent 25 years handling Spanish estate planning and probate for ex-pats in Spain. We are experts .

We have handled over 300 cases since 1994.

Inheritance and probate work. 

We are one of the leading firms in Spain for international inheritance procedures.

If you have a Spanish will in place we can  offer you a closed budget and timescale for dealing with probate and inheritance tax.

Our  experience in this field  permits us to  deal with the inheritance from start to finish in an efficient and cost effective way. (in 80% of the cases we will be able to provide an exact budget and timescale before taking on the case which in most cases will be less than three months).

We  offer the most cost effective probate service from small non complex estates to very large and complex ones.

Over the years we have also dealt with many highly complex estates (withoght Spanish wills etc ) involving assets in various jurisdictions (Ireland, Jersey etc ) , complicated financial products  etc. If you have been called to inherit and  are in one of these situations lets us help you. If you are already in one of these situations but do not seem to be moving forward we are happy to provide a second opinion.

Spanish Inheritance tax. 

This is a very delicate subject in Spain because inheritance tax is paid by self assessment by the solicitor or accountant.

We will make sure that the heirs do not overpay the Spanish tax authorities.

We will study carefully the autonomous region of Spain where the inheritance tax is due  and make sure that the exemption rates or tax brakes of that particular region are correctly invoked on the inheritance deed and tax forms

If the beneficiaries are non resident children or spouse of the decased  we will take particular care that the sentence of 3/9/2014 of the European Court of Justice is correctly invoked to avoid overpayment of inheritance tax. We will also invoke the more recent sentences that have extended the benefits to non residents who are resident outside the E.U.

If you consider you may have overpaid inheritance tax due to not invoking the sentence mentioned , please call us.

Wills and estate planning: 

We strongly believe in Proactive Planning to find sensible solutions.

We have the advantage of a vast wealth of experience acquired winding up estates for ex-pats in Spain for over 20 years.

We will provide you with all the alternatives to allow you to leave your asset as you wish and for you to do so in the most tax efficient manner.

We will not simply take your details and print. We will discuss the alternatives in view of your wishes and circumstance. Our vast experience in dealing with probate (and the Spanish tax authorities in relation to inheritance tax), permit us to be very thorough and practical with our advice in relation to your will.

We will make sure that you take advantage of any tax exemptions or tax brakes that may be available to you depending on your circumstances and place of residence. (we can advise you of the inheritance tax exemption rates etc of any autonomous region of Spain). We will make sure we make the maximum use of the exemptions for Group I and II heirs (spouse and descendants) which up to now have only been available for residents of Spain )
If you have already signed a Spanish will with another firm and think that it may not be up to scratch, we will discuss the alternatives with you and if you decide to change it we can offer you a reduced rate.

Examples of situations that we often deal with: deciding how to secure in the fairest way possible the position of children from other marriages, how to secure the position of second wife’s while not risking the children of our client being left out of the estate , how to best secure the estate for the children of a previous marriage  while making sure that the second wife /husband is also provided for. We can sit down with you and work out a system that is fair in view of the circumstances. We are very experienced in handling these cases and we will do so in a caring way so that all parties can feel comfortable and not offended.

Inheritance related Litigation.

We specialise in obligatory heir cases. With this we basically mean claims by children on the basis of one of their parents having left them out of their Spanish will. Under Spanish law 2/3rds of an estate have to be left directly to children so these cases are good if we determine that Spanish law should have been applicable.