• Are trying to organize your estate and wish to discuss the best way to make your will in a way that achieves what you want in the most tax efficient way possible.
  • Have children from a first marriage and you do not know how to protect your new wife and at the same time be fair to your children and avoid them being left out of the estate after you have deceased. We are accustomed to preparing
    wills to achieve protection for heirs in complex family situations.
  • Wish to sell a property in Spain.
  • Wish to purchase a property in Spain.
  • Have not got a Spanish will or would like somebody to discuss your existing will with you to make sure it is what you need.
  • Your mother or father have left you out of their Spanish estate and you wish to discuss the possibility of claiming agains the estate on the basis of Spanish obligatory heir provisions.
  • Have received a claim from your spouses children on the basis above.
  • Are the heir of a Spanish estate with no will and you have been unable to have the estate wound up after one year of waiting.
  • Need somebody to help you wind up an estate with or with-ought a will.
  • Have a property in Spain and have doubts about your paperwork in general and just wish somebody to go through your situation with you to make sure everything is in order and that you are not short of anything. (deeds, direct
    debits, wills, non resident tax ), and propose changes if need be to will etc , or simply to confirm that all is in good order.
  • Are feeling you are getting on and would like to sit down with your family and a solicitor to discuss all the different things that may be convenient at this time of your life. (enduring powers of attorney, take a look at wills, look into option of selling versus inheriting etc etc)
  • Have doubts about the possibilities and costs of changing the name on the deeds.
  • Have doubts about your pool or extension not being on the deeds.
  • Have doubts about the legality of your property. Doubts about being able to sue a bank or not if you have an out of date bank guarantee on a property under construction which was not completed.
  • Doubts about wether is it worth suing a builder or bank in the case of deposits paid on a property under construction.
  • Doubts about inheritance tax.
  • Doubts about your will and the possibility of improving it´s tax efficiency, or at least be told that it is o.k.
  • Doubts about the obligation of paying non resident income tax in Spain even if you are earning no income.
  • Doubts about your situation with your bank if you stop paying your mortgage.
  • Information about investing in repossession property from banks.
  • Setting up a Company in Spain.
  • Debt collection in Spain. Con-validation of English sentences.