by Michael Davies
News and opinion on European and Spanish regulations affecting ex-pats who retire, play or invest in Spain
Michael Davies is a Spanish lawyer specialised in probate, inheritance tax and inheritance related litigation for ex-pats in Spain.
Guideline of the things to look into to keep things simple for your beneficiaries: I am Over 70 and wish to make sure my will, paperwork  etc is in good order in case I  "pop  my clogs" tomorrow: As a probate lawyer for 25 years ,from experience  I can say withoght doubt:  If clients all
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Question: My wife has just recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer decease. It is at an early stage, but I would like to know if their is anything we should be doing from a legal point of view while she is still of able mind. Answer:Being diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer is a terrifying experience and talking
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