Selling a property. What will  the solicitor do for me?

If you wish to sell your property the most important thing is to secure that you receive the purchase price safely . In other words make sue that they is absolutely no possibility of you selling the property withoght receiving the agreed price as cleared funds in your bank account. By using us you will have 100% security that this will take place.

We also deal with other matters as part of the selling procedure:

Make you aware of your tax situation: For example if you are resident  you can sell your main home and reinvest the profit  within two years o in another profit and pay no capital gains tax.  If you are over 65 and resident you can sell your property free of capital gains tax withoght having to re-invest.

Preparation of the deposit contract.

Organising the completion deed at the notary.

Completion by power of attorney when needed.

Secure your relationship with the estate agent. Many problems arise between agent´s and their clients in relation to fees and between different agent with whom you may have signed contracts (exclusivity contracts , non exclusivity contract , deadline of the contracts, what fees they are entitled to if the transaction does not go through as expected or if only the deposit was paid etc). We will make sure your contract with the agency is correctly written as part of our service .

Deal with disputes that can arise surrounding the deposit contract with the purchaser.

Advise you regarding your resident, non-resident status and it´s and how it affects your capital gains tax.

If resident claim the necessary certificate to avoid the 3% retention.

If non resident deal with the claim in relation to the retention of further tax declarations.

Deal with the plusvalía tax to the town hall.

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