If you need a good independent English speaking Spanish solicitor/lawyer/barrister in Marbella, Estepona, Mijas, Fuengirola, Benalmadena or surrounding areas we can help if :

  • You are going  to purchase a property. We will make sure that you purchase with 100% safety . From 200.000 euro to 5.000.000 euro properties.
  • You are going to sell a property and are concerned that everything happens safely. You have doubts about capital gains tax , plusvalía tax, the 3% retention, your residence status etc.
  • You have recently lost your spouse or parent and need help with probate and the inheritance procedure.
  • You have doubts about your Spanish wills as you keep hearing about Directive 650/2012 and you are hearing contradictor stories about you having to revise your wills, you have doubts about the exemptions that you can claim after the sentence of the ECJ of 3/9/2015
  • You have doubts about your wills protecting your loved ones correctly.
  • You have doubts about how to protect your children from your first marriage while offering 100% security to your present spouse.
  • You have doubts about inheritance tax due to the changes  exemptions made in Andalucía in the last 5 years, the effect of the sentence of the ECJ of 2015 which made these exemptions applicable also to non residents in Spain, and now the possible effect of Brexit on the application of the exemptions to non residents who are resident in the U.K. after Brexit. You have non-resident children or spouse who are residen in a non E.U. country and have doubts regarding what exemptions re applicable to them when they inherit.

Details of our Marbella office. 

Davies Abogados are the perfect English speaking lawyers for you in Marbella if you need hep with any of matters above. Please click on the links below to read more about what we offer: 


This service is offered directly by Michael Davies a Spanish lawyer (but born in the u.k.) owner of the firm.

If you are purchasing a large property in Marbella or any of the surrounding areas  (over 1.000.000 euro) more than ever you need a very good  English speaking lawyer on your side who is 100% independent from the agents and knows exactly what he is doing. Michael Davies who likes to think of himself as a” Crusading independent lawyer warrior” when it comes to dealing with the agents in Marbella (who will always try to get you to use their “recommended solicitors because they are very good …”) is the best solicitor  for you. He will guide you through the purchase making sure you are 100% safe and as a known probate and estate planning expert will likewise help make sure that the  future of your purchase is also well taken care of. He is an expert when it comes to the transfer of family wealth  and can liaise with your solicitors and accountants in the U.K. to make sure the Spanish purchase, the wills etc fits well into your general planning.

Unlike in other larger firms where you may end up dealing with varios solicitors (some of them juniors) through the purchase with us you will deal directly with one of the best English speaking lawyers in Andalucía  Michael  Davies from start to finish including the extra issues which in some cases are just as important as the actual purchase (i.e. Spanish wills ) itself.