We participated in a live webinar on Thursday the 16th of July with representation from the British consulate , the Spanish embassy and Brex-pats in Spain to discuss this new TIE certificate.

Please find two videos below.

The first video is the full webinar. There is quite a lot of information that you will find of use but if it you find it a bit too much go directly to the second video which is a two minute video with the answer to the big question.

Please note that both videos take a couple of seconds to get going after being clicked. 

I ask the British Vice consul the big question. Please listen to the reply yourselves and make up your own conclusions.

If you are confused all I can do is say that I will be obtaining one.

I  visited the Oficina de extranjeros  in Almería with an appointment to exchange my own green card with ha TIE and walked away when I saw the  minimum one hour queue I  was asked to stand at with complete disregard for my appointment.

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