by Michael Davies
News and opinion on European and Spanish regulations affecting ex-pats who retire, play or invest in Spain
Michael Davies is a Spanish lawyer specialised in probate, inheritance tax and inheritance related litigation for ex-pats in Spain.

European Union Directive establishes that if you are a resident in Spain and wish to avoid the Spanish system of obligatory heirs (that establishes that 2/3rds of your estate has to go directly to your
children ) you must make an express choice of your national law when signing your Spanish will.

How much does it cost to sell a property in Spain? There are basically five expenses: 1. Capital gains tax, 2. Plusvalía tax 3. Solicitors fee. 4. Estate agent´s fee 5. Energy efficiency certificate. CAPITAL GAINS TAX:.The situation varies depending if you are a resident or non-resident of Spain. (having a certificate of residencia comunitaria
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Agreement between CIUDADANOS AND THE SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT in Andalucia to reduce inheritance tax. At last some great new about inheritance tax: We have have been waiting for so long it is almost unbelievable It has just been announced by the Andalucia Government that from the 1st of January the inheritance that can be received by a spouse and each
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If you purchased in the Almanzora Country Club and have given up on trying to get your money back it is important that you look into the option of suing the bank  that received the funds. Call us today for a free assessment of you situation in light of the way judges are now dealing
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We hate Brexit

In our office we hate Brexit, it´s consequences and the selfish politicians that keep moving forward knowing full well it is not the most beneficial thing to do because they have not got the guts to stand up an fight for what they really believe in (simply because it is may jeopardise their career )
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