I interview Mr. Javier Martin general manager of Playa Serena Golf Club to discuss the reopening of most of the clubs on the 11th of May.

We discuss who will open and the protocol that they will be following to keep their clients safe.

Coronavirus. When can we play golf?

Michael Davies , Ignacio Pellicer and Pedro Heredia have an informative chat with Mr. Javier Martin who is the general manager at the fantastic Playa Serena Golf Club. The conclusion is that on the 11th of May most clubs will re- open (not all of them ) and we will be able to play. Those that open like Playa Serena Golf will be following a strict protocol to guarantee the wellbeing of all their players.

Posted by Davies Abogados/ Solicitors & Barristers. "The Spanish Inheritance Experts" on Wednesday, May 6, 2020